My tiny little venture has a home!

It’s mine!

My Gasworks Gallery studio may not look like much, but it is perfect! It is twice as big as it looks in the photo, a whopping 5-1/2 x 10 feet. It also has the most beautiful northern lighting all day, even when the sky is a bleak grey. I can get some serious design work done in here, just as soon as I finish moving in …


A font is chosen!

Funny how you can look at a word until it just looks wrong. Little was my trouble word.Tiny always looked tiny but little kept looking stranger and stranger! Little was also the deciding factor. If you’re dying to know which one I finally chose it is the fifth down on the left. ♥

Hello world!

                                          My tiny little studio ♥

It is official, I dove in head first this week. I am in business school & I have a studio at Gasworks Gallery starting October 1st. Well I’m not in business school exactly but I am taking a wonderful online course, A Lovely Venture, through Julie Wray’s Olivine Charm School and it truly is lovely and inspiring. Yay! I am a crafty girl and I am starting my own business!

I’ve always had little business ideas, most of which involve me making sweet little handcrafts or reselling found treasures that I love but that don’t quite fit into my world, but I never took myself seriously.This week that changes. I am a serious student and I put money down on a studio. I will start tiny little! Okay, I admit the studio is month to month so I can leave anytime I want but it is also lovely and bright (and tiny) and I want it to work. I want it to be a sanctuary where I can create things people will love. I can’t wait to set it up!

I admit that I have not decided exactly what things I will be creating, but the ideas are swirling around in my mind. Really what I want to do is create different little wonderful things as the whim hits me and then be able to find people who love them so much that they buy them up and with that lovely money I will be able to follow my next whim and create more wonderful things. Knittings, embroideries, pretty things to wear & sweet little works of art in pencil or paint to look at. I am so excited for my lovely little adventure!

xo, Sara